1. Quick Summarizer Converts a Paragraph into it’s summary. Used python’s NLTK.

2. Youtube CommentsSpam/Ham Classifier Spam/Ham Classifier on youtube comments dataset using Naive-Bayes-Classifier and integerated with flask.

3. Sentimental Analysis on Twitter US airline dataset Worked on kaggle’s US Airline Dataset. Used python’s NLTK and Naive-Bayes-Classifiers which predicts the sentiments of people on Airlines tweets i.e., Positive, Negative & Neutral.

4. React native basic Apps Created a basic React App and integerated Google’s User login using Firebase.

5. Worked on iris,titanic datasests using different scikit models.



-Android studio




Participitated in WomenAndroid hackathon, a 2 day hackathon by truecalller to design an app on women’s welfare.

Attended a ruby workshop on rails on ruby.Learn how ot work with its database.

Member, GNU Linux Users Group(GLUG) Working on its website and have set up new student engagement initiatives.


Participant, HACKMAN2K18 Participated in a 24hr Hackathon organised by Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering.

Technical Team Member, NASA International Space Apps Challenge Part of organising team for NASA International Space Apps Challenge Hackathon at SMVIT.

Attendee, GDG Bangalore Introduced to the technological enhancements by google in it’s talks.

Internshala Student Partner, Internshala Enagaged students with the organisation.

Participated in badmintion under vtu regionals,got third place.

Participited in table tennis vtu regionals,reached semifinals.


Machine Learning by Stanford University,Andrew NG, Coursera

Deep Learning Prerequisites: The Numpy Stack in Python, Udemy

__try Django 1.11   Python Web Development, Udemy__

The Unix Workbench by Johns Hopkins University

Algorithms by Standford University

You can also see some of my work on GitHub.


A music player which extracts all mp3 files from the desired folder

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Android app

An android app designed in respect to women development

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A websites for storing, editing notes and giving feedback.

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